Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Here maps display toll roads and under-construction roads

If you go to here.com, and click the "blue man" at the bottom middle, it shows the panorama image's coverage in some transparent blue blobs. This view also gives you a preview what's coming next. It's using a slightly newer map data and potentially more features that will come to the main map view.

In the following example, it's showing a new feature that display the toll roads in a reddish color and the roads under construction will be displayed in a dashed line style.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

PuyoMobile 0.4 release

A new version of Puyo Mobile is now available.

Highlight in this release is
(1) Game level support. The level will be increased when you win every 50 points. The falling speed of the balls will be faster. The level is saved together with your points in the scoreboard.
(2) Multiple language support. Initially you can switch to English or Chinese.
(3) Blinking effects when the balls are going to be removed.

The download link contains the JAR file for installation. Anyone interested in the code can download the source here.