Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Irrlicht runs on Pocket PC emulator

The WinCE branch in the mirrlicht project now has the first screen shot. It's just a simple MD2 animated figure with a static text GUI element. The porting is developed using MS Visual Studio 2005. The rendering is performed by an OpenGL ES software implementation -- Rasteroid from Hybrid. It runs on a Pocket PC 2003 emulator. However, the frame rate is very low on the emulator (like showing slides). I've also encountered memory constraint and had to setup an emulator with 96M RAM and to increase the program memory( Start > Settings > System tab > Memory).

Note that if you want to try the program, you need to copy %VS2005_INSTALL_DIR%\vc\ce\dll\armv4\msvcr80.dll, rasteroid3.1\bin\wince\pp2003\device\libGLES_CM_NoE.dll, libEGL.dll
to the Windows directory on your device or emulator.

copy Branches\WinCE\examples\WinCE\HelloWorldStandAlone\Pocket PC 2003 (ARMV4)\Release\HelloWorld.exe to \Program Files\HellowWorld directory of the device or emulator.

copy Branches\WinCE\media\laalaa.md2, laalaa8.bmp to \media directory of the device or emulator.

I've packed those files together and you can downloaded at


Anonymous said...

Hello Rendermania,

First of all, thanks for share all this code, is fantastic.

I am trying to test it but I only can see a blue screen with the text up. But the 3d model isn’t loaded. I tried the files of the zip and I compile de examble you have into google.

I put the laalaa model and picture into the media folder as you said. I suppose is a problem with the path or similar and not with libraries.

Have you got some Idea?

I post it here, if you prefer I can put it into the irrlicht forum for all people.

I´ll try it into several real devices I have ( pocketpc Acer n35, Smartphone Asus p535) I hope I can test it.

Thanks again.

Rendermania said...

Sorry for this late reply. I haven't read this comment until today.

Where did you create the media diretory? Is it under root?

Dicky said...

Heelo Rendermania:

I put your file on my mobile device.
but it shows the error message "'HelloWorld' is not a valid Pocket PC application".

But I can run another OpenGL ES files on my mobile.